Surgical Oncology


We take proud to have a specialized Department of Surgical Oncology at Jivandeep Hospital, an acclaimed multispeciality hospital in Gujarat. The Department of Surgical Oncology is headed by Dr. Dhruv G. Patel, M.S., M.Ch (Surgical Oncology), Consultant Cancer Surgeon, Gujarat’s famous Oncologist. Dr. Dhruv holds expertise in Head & Neck Cancer, Breast Cancer, Gynaec Cancer, Gastrointestinal Cancer, Skin Cancer, Soft Tissue Cancer, Bone Cancer, and Thoracic Cancer.     

Before beginning the comprehensive procedures to treat cancer, our team headed by the Oncologist enters into a dialogue with each patient to discuss critical points, including the process of diagnosis, findings of diagnosis, the best treatment to be offered to overcome the disease, etc. In addition, the Surgeon also solves various concerns and issues raised by the cancer patient. We are wholly committed to the patient’s care.


Symptoms related to cancer vary as they depend on the affected part of the body. Here are a few general symptoms:    

Managing Side Effects

Considering various challenges associated with the disease, the Oncologist works in cohesion with the specialists of other teams, including nutritionists, rehabilitation therapists, and naturopathic. Talking about the objective of this exercise is – to anticipate and manage the side effects of surgery.                 

Our team in the Department of Surgical Oncology has years of experience in performing impeccable surgical procedures for different types of cancer, including advanced and complex tumors. Furthermore, keeping in view the patient’s health and comfort, we carry out palliative surgeries to control pain and stay healthy.

Meet Our Doctors

We take pride in being associated with prominent doctors with incredible academic and professional achievements. These prominent names in the medical profession continue to help us deliver the “Best” medical healthcare for people.


Dr. Dhruv Patel

MS, Surgeon
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Emergency Cases

We are fully prepared to handle any kind of emergency given our specialization and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

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