Radiology is also called diagnostic imaging. As the name indicates, it comprises a series of different tests that facilitate capturing images of various parts of the body with the help of high-end technology.   

Our state-of-the-art Radiology Department is equipped with cutting-edge machines and tools along with the latest technology. The technology-driven facility allows doctors to see inside the body. There are various types of imaging exams that help to provide the view from the context of medical, including X-ray scan, Ultrasound – Sonography, Treadmill Test, Pulmonary Function Test (PFT), 2D Echo (Heart Sonography), and many more.        

Significance of Radiology Department

You would be surprised to learn that every branch and sector of the medical field relies on radiology. Our Radiology Department helps many important cross-functional teams. These include:         

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The significant department is headed by a professionally qualified radiologist with vast hands-on experience. The in-house radiologist with a specialization to back closely monitors and examines the outcome of a certain imaging test. Drawing inspiration from the insight and rich professional experience, the specialist finds a significant image that fully supports the diagnosis. This image is then minutely interpreted by the radiologist. A comprehensive report is prepared and interpretations are submitted to the referring clinical doctor/s. The findings and interpretations are taken into consideration by doctors to begin the treatment process.  

If you looking for a reliable interpretation of X-ray, ECG, Sonography, 2D Echo, PFT and TMT among others, then don’t go further. End your search at Jivandeep Hospital. 

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We take pride in being associated with prominent doctors with incredible academic and professional achievements. These prominent names in the medical profession continue to help us deliver the “Best” medical healthcare for people.


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We are fully prepared to handle any kind of emergency given our specialization and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

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