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The General &Laparoscopic Surgery Department at our Multispeciality Hospital is equipped with the modern machines and technology to provide all kinds of general and laparoscopic surgeries under one roof. Dr. Pranay Patel, MS, a prominent General & Laparoscopic Surgeon of Gujarat heads the department.

We at Jivandeep Hospital follow a standard diagnosis and treatment protocol which is designed keeping in light the patient’s age, weight, appearance, nature of the disease, etc. Implement educing the latest technology and machines by our professionally qualified Laparoscopic Surgeons, it is a low-risk surgery with minimally invasive procedures that requires small incisions.

Learning about the procedure

In simple language, Laparoscopy is a type of surgical procedure that allows a surgeon to get an insight into the inside of the abdomen (stomach) and pelvis without creating large cuts or incisions in the skin.

Laparoscopic surgery begins after a thorough diagnosis by providing general anesthesia. The anesthesia is given to minimize any kind of pain that may arise during the surgery. Subsequently, the specialist doctor creates a small incision with the help of tools around the belly. It is done to insert a small tube known as a cannula.

Number and size of the incisions

The number of incisions and size depends on the severity of the diseases. What will happen to incisions after surgery and treatment? When the surgery gets over, the instruments are removed and the cuts are closed by mild stitches or bandages.

Surgeries performed through Laparoscopic Surgery

Most intestinal surgeries are performed drawing benefits from the technology-driven laparoscopic techniques, including:

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If you are looking for Laparoscopic surgery, then end your search here. We hold expertise in providing low-risk surgical processes. Thousands of satisfied patients reflect our professional expertise. 

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We take pride in being associated with prominent doctors with incredible academic and professional achievements. These prominent names in the medical profession continue to help us deliver the “Best” medical healthcare for people.


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General & Laparoscopic Surgeon, MS
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